Dairy products

We are specialized in the sourcing and marketing of an extensive range of dairy products worldwide. Milk powders, cheese, UHT milk and butter are the main dairy products for export and trading. Through long term relationships with multiple trustworthy manufacturers we offer flexible solutions for the following food sectors: Industry, Food service, Retail & Wholesale.


Dutch cheeses | French Cheeses | Italian Cheeses | UK Cheeses | German Cheeses

We wholesale the most popular European cheeses around the world. We keep in touch with many cheese producers and are very committed to fair trade.


Egg Powder

For your production we supply egg powder from 100% eggs. We can deliver the quantities in conventional or organic quality.

Milk & Mylk

Dry Milk - organic and conventional
Coconut mylk - organic and conventional

We supply milk powder for your production or coconut mylk for your vegan products.


Pasteurized Processed Cheese

We offer a broad line of cheese products, blends, substitutes and alternative cheese ranging in style from soft to hard, and almost everything in between.


Ultra High Temperature milk is subjected to a special thermal treatment which destroys germs and preserves vitamins and nutrients. It has, if not opened and stored at 2⁰C to 25⁰C, a shelf life up to 12 months.  We supply 1 Liter packing, origin Europe. We do have possibilities for 500ml, 200ml as well as for Skimmed and semi-skimmed UHT Milk.



For different sectors we supply frozen butter in different varieties in composition and packing. Besides animal fat (lactic, salted/unsalted) butter blends, a mix of animal fat with vegetable fat is also a possibility.

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